Floo IT BVBA is a consultancy company based in Herent, near Leuven, Belgium.

We offer consultancy services to users in demanding areas such as high performance computing, large scale web farms, etc…

Our expertise encompasses most enterprise grade Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat/Centos,… Extending this knowledge past the scale of a single server, we are very proficient in different solutions that enable management of large scale linux/unix installations such as Puppet and monitoring large mixed environments using Nagios, for instance.

Next to OS level expertise, we offer consultancy regarding scaling web farms using Apache, Lighttpd, memcached, MySQL,.. as well as assistance in designing, rolling out and maintaining HPC clusters.

Floo IT also offers web hosting and virtual private servers under the Fab4.be moniker.

To sample our expertise, do not hesitate to take a look at our references.

Floo IT BVBA was founded by Pieter Barrezeele. After being in the consultancy business for nine years, he felt he could do more with his twelve years of experience in the Linux operating system and took matters into his own hands. Since January 2006 he has been self-employed and founded Floo IT BVBA as a legal entity to run his business.

Oh, and in case you wondered, Floo IT is pronounced as ‘fluid’… :-)