To protect the confidentiality of some of the projects we work on, we decided not to publish the names of all our references for all to see. Should you need more input on our expertise, do not hesitate to contact us and we will bring you in contact with our references.

  • Customer: Euronext Paris listed internet company

    This customer is focussed on delivering paid entertainment on the internet.

    Floo IT offers system engineering expertise in the fields of infrastructure scaling, availability and managebility.

    Technologies implemented include: Linux, Puppet, Nagios, Xen, IBM SAN, IBM BladeCenter, Heartbeat, NetApp, HP Blades, Juniper switching, firewalling and routing.

  • Customer: Dutch research company

    This customer is a leader in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research. Delivering its expertise to leading car manufacturers, both conventional as wel as sports car constructors, this company relies on a High Performance Computing cluster for its computations.

    Floo IT installed, configured and monitors this cluster.

    Technologies include: Linux, Puppet, Ganglia, Torque, Maui, OpenMPI

  • Customer: International engineering company headquartered in Leuven, Belgium

    This customer is a big player in the computer aided engineering (CAE) market. Its expertise ranging from vibration control over accoustics to metal fatigue, the computing power necessary for the different simulation suites used is vital to the company.

    Floo IT maintains the HPC cluster and has an advising role in the next generation cluster and will implement this new HPC cluster as well.

    Technologies include: Linux, Puppet, Ganglia, PHP (for a job submission frontend), OpenMPI, HP Integrity, Nagios

  • Customer: International manufacturing company near Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

    This customer operates a nearly fully automated computer aided manufacturing plant. Needless to say, this company depends on its IT infrastructure.

    Floo IT installed the new iteration of the IT infrastructure and optimised the setup for availability purposes.

    Technologies include: Linux, Oracle, HP Proliant.

  • Floo IT’s hosting product.

    Under the name, Floo IT offers hosting packets to various customers. The current product lineup consists of both shared hosting accounts as well as Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

    Both shared hosting customers as VPS customers get SSH access into their account.

    Shared hosting accounts get to host static pages, PHP5 or Ruby-on-Rails sites. Every shared hosting account gets a MySQL database. VPS customers can run virtually everything they desire.